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Adrian Carr, who is the son of legendary conservation pioneer Norman Carr, was born and raised in Zambia. His wife Christina(Gid) has lived in Zambia for over 20 years.

The Carrs are committed conservationists. Adrian is Chair of Conservation South Luangwa. Gid is Chair of Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust. Both have a long history in community involvement, particularly in education and HIV/Aids awareness-raising.

After working in safaris and conservation for a combined 70 years, the Carrs bought Makolekole Drilling in 2015. With the help of the drilling team– Baldwin Chulu, Amon Banda, Fidelis Skabala, Peter Katongola, Thamson Zulu and Blaishu Mambwe– Makolekole has drilled over 300 boreholes since then.

With our local knowledge of the geography, socio-economics and unique challenges of the Luangwa Valley, we can bring clean, safe water to even the most remote and marginalized

Our LS200+ Rotary Mud drilling rig is a particularly important asset. Teams with larger rigs often can't reach the remote areas we serve. Even if they could, compressed air drilling (which is what most conventional rigs do) is not an effective method in the alluvial, unstable substrates of the Luangwa Valley. Conventional rigs often suffer expensive and disappointing failures in these areas. But this is where Makolekole is at our most effective. Not only do we have the right rig for the conditions, our maneuverability, technical skill, and experience make us perfect for the job.

Our Story: What We Do
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