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Get Involved

We want (and need) you in our Makolekole family. Just like in a village in Zambia, everyone has a purpose and role to play in the wellbeing of others.

Fundraise for a Borehole

Fun Run

Organize a walk or run with friends to fundraise. There are lots of resources available on the web to help with ideas.


Ask friends to donate Makolekole instead of buying a gift - social media platforms make this easy to do, or use a free peer-to-peer tool. You can also just text the Makolekole website link to friends.

Service Hours

If you are a student in need of service hours, you can work with Makolekole to raise funds. Reach out to us here for help.

Boy Scout / Girl Scout Troop

Make Makolekole your fundraising project for the year. Reach out to us for help here.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Service Project

Bar/Bat Mitzvah service project- instead of gifts, ask friends and families to donate to YOUR borehole project. More information about the benefits of a complete borehole can be found here.

Team Building Project

Working together to raise funds for a borehole requires teamwork and it’s fun!

Other Ways to Help

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