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Donor Acknowledgement

Transforming the lives of thousands of people by delivering clean, safe water to remote villages in Zambia is only possible because of the generosity of donors like you who believe that water is a fundamental human right. 

The AJA Foundation provides a yearly special grant that covers all administrative costs associated with the 501c3 so that 100% of every dollar raised goes directly towards constructing boreholes.

$6500+ Water Warrior

Jessica Gamble and Dr. Benjamin Rudnitsky

Cathy Daniels and Amy Wood

AJAF Foundation

$1000+ Water Hero

Ram Mallipeddi

Jenn Reed

Gwen Gotangco Kornblau

Darlene Miller

Marina Zavaskaya Miller

Jayna Hughes

Jason Frederico

Sundar Sankaran

Jayna Hughes

Mark Sylvain & Crista Casper

Harsha Mulchandani

Anthony Knight

Carol Jimmerson

Dan Lee

Karen Booker

Bob and Paula Dunne


Christina Perry (Dunne Family)

MJ Christensen

Ram an Radhika Janga

Thomas Burger Designs

Cathy Daniels

Amy Wood

Jack and Goldie Nomberg Foundation (Sandy)

Curator Catering

Ben Rudnitsky

Robert Dunne

Pamela Fox (Safari Winner)

AJA (Colleen McKenna)

Andy Astrachan (Cathy Daniels)

Ben Rudnitsky & Jessica Gamble

Nami Oneda

Bob Ezrin

Sandy Kanengeiser/ Jack and Goldie Nomberg Foundation DAF

Nami Oneda

Bob Ezrin

Jack and Goldie Nomberg Foundation (Sandy)

Bob Dunne

AJAFoundation (Amy Wood)

Nami Oneda

Rosana Martilotti

Rajeev & Vyju Prasad

Guneet & Simran Bedi

Robin Pope Safari

Africa Hope (Carol Van Bruggen-Kuhn)

AJA Foundation (Colleen McKenna)

Bob and Paula Dunne

Uma and Gautam Desai (2 wells)

Anne Fontaine

Larry Post

AJA (Colleen McKenna)

AJA Foundation (Colleen McKenna)

AJA Foundation

AJA Foundation (Cathy and Colleen)

$500 - $990 Water Champion

Robb Dunne (son)

Shirley Musni

Nicky Tyagi

Isabelle Karamooz

Chrishena Stanley

Arshi Quadeer

Ronda Moulton

Nicholas Klein

Karen Booker

Katie Baird (won auction item)

$300 - $499 Water Advocate

Jessica Gamble

Emily Grigg

Colleen McKenna

Judith Caro

$100 - $299 Water Activist

Doris Hermann

Zazie Huml

Diawanti (Jaya) Anselmo

Jennifer Hoye

Flordeliza Sia Love

Peilin Wei

Marwan Takieddine

Kristen Crespi

Vickie Rudnitsky

Sondra Lynch

Pamela (Marlee) Malamut

Heather Brockhurst

Arvin Gupta

Ifran Sohail

Katie Baird

Up to $99 Water Ally

HFIR Weather LLC

McKenna Ulrich Smith

Foundation Donors

We are especially grateful to the AJA Foundation, which has supported Makolekole since 2021 with funding for more than 50 boreholes. Not only have they provided unrestricted funding for the construction and maintenance of boreholes, but they have also provided business consulting and staff time to establish Makolekole, USA. Because of their generous support, 100% of all donations go directly to constructing boreholes.

Corporate Donors

We are fortunate to have the support of the following companies that have provided in-kind donations and services to Makolekole USA.